Serena Williams Shares Dress-Up Pic With Her Daughter—With the Cutest Caption

Serena Williams, who's already teaching daughter Olympia how to play tennis, shared a vulnerable and sweet moment of the two of them dressed like princesses.

In the cutest picture Instagram has given us this week (and absolutely what I needed this Friday), Serena Williams shared a sweet, tender moment between her and her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Williams and the two-year-old are engaged in some pretty serious dress-up—look at that concentration!—and she took the time to get serious for a moment about how much love she has for her daughter.

In the picture, Olympia is zipping up her mom's pretty princess dress (looks like they're both Sleeping Beauty). Williams captioned the photo: "She’s got my back already. And I’ll always have hers." Um, adorable. Olympia, who has her own Instagram account run by Williams and dad Alexis Ohanian, is absolutely one to follow if you're not doing so already. The two parents are open about their adoration of their daughter, and it's also led to maybe one of the cutest tennis match moments ever. Olympia's at the perfect age where, in Williams' words, "it’s just so fun because this little baby girl pretty much does everything I do."

This is for sure not the first time mom and daughter have been caught twinning: The two played tennis together in matching purple outfits (the cute!!) and have also dressed up as princesses together, including Anna from Frozen/Frozen 2 and Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Here's the adorable pic:

And here are just a few of the recent twinning pics between mom and daughter:

I CANNOT handle the level of cuteness.


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(Image credit: Agata Nowicka)
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