Jessica Mulroney Posts About Making "Difficult Decisions" After Deleting Her Meghan Markle Wedding Instagram

Is this about her rumored Meghan drama?

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  • Just days after posting and then quickly deleting a throwback picture from Meghan Markle's royal wedding, Jessica Mulroney shared a cryptic Instagram message about "difficult decisions."
  • The stylist shared a poem by Tyler Knott Gregson, along with a caption about the difficult decisions everyone will have to make in the coming months and a plea for people not to "guilt" others about the choices they make.
  • Mulroney has been one of Meghan's longest friends, but the pair is rumored to have had a falling out in the wake of Mulroney's white privilege scandal earlier this summer.

Jessica Mulroney knows she had some tough choices ahead of her—and that we all do, for that matter.

The stylist/former TV host/possibly former (but possibly current—it's a grey area right now, really) royal BFF shared a cryptic post on Instagram this week about making "difficult decisions," along with a call for people not to "guilt" others about those tough choices.

"Everybody is going through their own difficult decisions at the moment," Mulroney wrote in the post's caption. "Let’s not guilt anybody for whatever choice they make whether about schooling their children or in business and know that better days are coming. ❤️"

As for the post itself, it was a graphic featuring a poem about better days by Tyler Knott Gregson. The poem, which is typed out in typewriter font in the image, reads: "At the close of this day, find the courage to hold hope, to breathe deeply and believe that better days will come."

The post is especially intriguing for anyone who has been following the rumors about the state of the stylist's friendship with Meghan Markle, which has reportedly been strained in the wake of Mulroney's white privilege scandal earlier this summer. Sources claimed that Meghan was "mortified" by the ordeal and that Mulroney was "distraught" about the impact it had on their friendship.

Mulroney's cryptic post comes just days after she shared and then quickly deleted a throwback picture of one of her twin sons with Meghan at the royal wedding on Instagram. In the now-deleted post's caption, Mulroney wrote, "I see this and pure joy."

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Hopefully, none of Mulroney's difficult decisions involve her friendship with Meghan, which we can only hope is in an amazing place.

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