Katie Holmes Posed in a Shirt Her Boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo, Jr., Designed on Instagram

  • In a new Instagram post this weekend, Katie Holmes shared a rare picture of herself. In the photo, she's wearing a tight, red t-shirt with a black and white, painted picture of the New York City skyline and the words "It was all a dream."
    • Anthony Vitolo, the brother of Katie's boyfriend, NYC chef Emilio Vitolo, Jr., took to the comment section to share that Emilio has the same shirt and to ask where the couple got the tops.
      • Katie revealed that Emilio actually painted the image on the shirt, implying that the couple got the t-shirts custom made.

        Lots of people wear their hearts on their sleeves, but Katie Holmes is wearing her love for boyfriend Emilio Vitolo, Jr. on her chest—in the form of an amazing graphic tee, to be exact.

        The 42-year-old actress took to Instagram on Saturday to share a rare picture of herself. Granted, the picture didn't include most of her face, but that's okay because what it did show was plenty interesting. In the selfie, Katie is wearing a tight, red t-shirt adorned with a black and white, painted version of the New York City skyline and the words, "It was all a dream" in all caps lettering. The actress captioned the photo simply, with a single fire burst emoji: 💥.

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        The shirt itself is cool enough, but the story behind it is even cooler. In the comment section, Anthony Vitolo revealed that his brother, Emilio, also owns the cool shirt, writing, "Emilio was wearing this yesterday where did you guys get those ! I need one 🙏🏽."

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        At this point Katie revealed the coolest thing about the piece: Emilio actually painted the amazing NYC skyline art featured on it.

        "@chefanthony_ballatosnyc Emilio painted it," she wrote in a reply to Anthony's comment.

        The implication here, of course, is that Katie and Emilio had the shirts custom-printed with Emilio's art, but we can only hope that they appear somewhere for sale because we'd scoop up several immediately.

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