Katie Holmes Is "Playing by Her Own Rules" in Her Relationship With Emilio Vitolo, Jr.

A source close to Katie Holmes says the actress is "playing by her own rules" in her new relationship with Emilio Vitolo, Jr., which is new for her.

  • For the last two months and counting, Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo, Jr. have been spotted regularly putting their love on display, strolling around New York City and holding hands.
  • A source close to the actress told Entertainment Tonight that she and Emilio "adore each other" and "can't get enough of one another." 
  • According to the source, the relationship marks an important milestone for Katie because it's the first time we've seen Katie be "authentically herself."

Katie Holmes and her new boyfriendEmilio Vitolo, Jr. are quite happy with each other and the trajectory of their relationship, tyvm.

The couple were first spotted together on a date in New York City in September and, based on the near-constant stream of paparazzi pics of them strolling around and holding hands in NYC, they appear to have been more or less inseparable ever since. Now, a source close to the actress and her celebrity chef BF has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight what our eyeballs had already told us: Katie and Emilio are going strong

"They adore each other and can't get enough of one another," the source said.

According to the source, the relationship is especially important because Katie is being true to herself this time around.

"In the past it seemed like Katie would sort of mold to her partners’ lifestyle, but with Emilio, Katie is so authentically herself," the source explains. "This is the real Katie and she’s playing by her own rules now. They’re so happy."

Katie has previously been involved with several actors, including Chris Klein, Tom Cruise (whom she was married to for five years and is the father of her 14-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise), and, most recently, Jamie Foxx. It seems like she's happy to be dating someone from outside of the entertainment industry for a change though.

"One of Emilio’s most attractive attributes is his work ethic and ambition—his family restaurant is a huge priority for him, which is why they spend so much time at the restaurant," the source added.

If Katie is happy, that makes us happy.

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