Prince William Is Determined to "Stay in Control" After the Sussex Oprah Interview, Body Language Expert Says

A body language expert says Prince William is determined to stay in control after the Sussexes' Oprah interview.

  • Earlier this week, on Thursday, Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out for a visit to School2 in east London to promote a children's mental health program.
  • During the engagement, Sky News reporter Inzamam Rashid asked William about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's recent interview with Oprah Winfrey and specifically, "Is the Royal Family a racist family?"
  • Body language expert Judi James analyzed the royal's body language during the exchange in an interview with the Daily Mail

Prince William is staying in control of his emotions in the wake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, according to a body language expert.

Speaking to the Daily Mail after Will's recent visit to School2 in east London to promote a children's mental health program with his wife, Kate Middleton, body language expert Judi James analyzed the royal's response when asked about his brother's interview.

During the outing on Thursday, Sky News reporter Inzamam Rashid asked Will, "Is the Royal Family a racist family?" The Duke of Cambridge replied directly, saying, "We're very much not a racist family."

According to James, the fact that William replied at all is noteworthy. "Like his father Prince Charles did yesterday, he looks impelled to keep walking rather than engage, but his urge to reply is stronger," James explained. "Even muted by the mask we can hear what sounds like a small explosive, ironic laugh of the sort he produced when asked about conflict with Harry during the Fab Four launch."

When asked if he had spoken with Harry since the interview, William admitted that he had not, but said that he "will do."

"His head-tilt suggests an acknowledgment ritual but then he steeples one brow and produces a subtle softened eye-smile as he says 'No, but I intend to,'" James said of William's body language when asked about reconnecting with his estranged brother.

James went on to breakdown more details of Will's body language during the telling exchange.

"The speed of his reply could suggest strong emotions but he seems to try to play it down here, looking firm but also still fond at the same time, like a big brother who intends to speak to a sibling about breaking house rules," she added. "He also plays with his face-mask, suggesting the use of a barrier ritual that could signal the end of the conversation. Even rushing past though, he can’t ignore the question about racism. William turns his head, raises his brows and uses a head-baton to make his reply look firm and emphatic."

When asked about William's overall demeanor and what it might reveal about his thoughts on the interview, James said the royal's body language hints at a great deal of control and a desire to send a very purposeful message to the public.

"Is Prince William angry? His body language looks designed to conceal it if he is. His eye expression is still soft and there is no sign of a hard frown or a sharper vocal tone," James said. "The fact he answered at all is probably indicative of strong feelings and he clearly wanted to show firmness and even leadership, but his body language signals as he responds suggest a desire to stay in control and illustrate the Queen’s words of 'love' for Harry and Meghan in her written reply to the Oprah interview."

Kayleigh Roberts
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