The New Royal “Fab Four” Will Appear Together Much More in the Future

The group combo of Princes Charles and William, plus Camilla and Kate, will be a united front.

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(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo)

Remember last month when Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, and Camilla showed up to the premiere of the new James Bond movie No Time to Die looking glamorous and full of gravitas? Some royal watchers speculated that the occasion marked something of a turning point for the future kings and their wives, reminding the public that they're dedicated public servants and beloved celebrities at the same time. Well apparently, the “Fab Four” (as they’re being called by the British press) are gearing up for a lot more joint events in the future, according to Express.

The Palace has seen a growing amount of internal drama over the last few years, between Harry and Meghan’s departure to the U.S. and the growing intensity of the legal battles Prince Andrew faces, stemming from his alleged connection to Jeffrey Epstein. In order to stem the bad press and still make meaningful change in keeping with their charitable initiatives. Prince Charles and Prince William, alongside Kate and Camilla, will work as a united front, demonstrating that the royal family still has the ability to lead on important issues and will long into the future.

The first test of the new Fab Four? COP26, the world climate change summit in Scotland happening this week. Though the Queen was slated to be one of the world leaders delivering a message in-person at the summit, her recent health scare forced her to stay home. That means it'll be up to the Fab Four, who are still attending, to “charm delegates” and show that Prince Charles and Prince William are “the right men for the job,” per Express. And they do have the climate credentials: Prince Charles launched the Terra Carta Institute in 2020 to encourage businesses to adopt sustainability practices, and Prince William launched the Earthshot Prize last month, which will award prize money to climate innovators every year through 2030.

The Palace wants people to embrace the Fab Four—both because they’re the future of the monarchy, and because we should expect to see a lot more of them going forward.

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