Selma Blair Looks Absolutely Stunning in Badass New Photos on Instagram

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    • Her latest have been channeling her strength and badassery, and it's both impressive and sweet.

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        Actor and activist Selma Blair has been brutally, brilliantly honest about her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) and the painful symptoms and treatment that she's had to undergo recently. She's been working to raise awareness about the painful disease, and her various highs and lows as she goes through the process. Lately, her emotional Instagram photos have given us new insight into her life now—and they're both beautiful and powerful.

        Last week, she posted a moody, glamorous black and white photo with her cane, captioning the photo, "I read three books and wandered around the house today. Not nagged by ambition yet this weekend. Quite pleasant. I do hope your time was, as well." The picture was taken by photographer Art Tavee in her home, and very honestly depicts both her struggles and her powerful response to them:

        She looks like a total badass, TBH. And I love that she's not covering up her bald head with a wig, or obscuring her cane. These things are part of her life now, and she's sharing them with her followers.

        In the middle of last week, she shared a pic of herself in front of a photo of her horse, taken by photographer Lee Jeffries. "[My son] Arthur and I unwrapped this piece of art and stared, transfixed. The glow from the horizon felt so great. The idea of my horse so present within the frame. Arthur spoke. It moved him to say to my friend, with us...'this picture is where my mom is now':

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        She's also been speaking about that horse, and how she's recently been reunited with him after working to be healthy enough for their interaction:

        Clearly, she's been embracing the things in life that give her strength.

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