See Every Single One of Kylie Jenner's Insane 21st Birthday Outfits

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Kylie Jenner turned 21 this week and she's really making a meal of the celebration. Which, like, fair. Twenty-one is a big deal. She's also making the most of the wardrobe change opportunities her nonstop partying presents. From her birthday eve party with her family in Los Angeles to her current Vegas celebration with friends, here's a look at everything Kylie has worn to celebrate her 21st.

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1 Barbie Chic

t-minus two hours

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie kicked off her birthday celebrations in this Barbie-inspired look.

2 Glittery Pink Catwoman

twenty one

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Later that night, Kylie stuck with the Barbie vibes in a skintight, strapless and short glittering pink bodysuit. This is what people mean when they say to party like it's your birthday.

3 Actual Barbie


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To cement the Barbie theme, Kylie also shared a picture of a Barbie doll dressed like her on her birthday. This is not technically Kylie wearing a different thing, but it's creepy and fantastic, so I'm including it.

4 The Morning After

The morning after her epic party, on her actual birthday, Kylie wore what we all wear on the morning after a late night: sweats and a t-shirt. We know this because Travis Scott shared a glimpse at Kylie when she saw the vintage Rolls Royce he gifted her.

5 Birthday Casual

a blessed birthday ✨ so grateful..

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Later, once she'd gotten dressed for the day, Kylie posed for a grid-worthy picture with her new Rolls. Kylie spent her birthday in jeans and a black crop top.

6 Golden Girl

what happens in vegas stays in vegas

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Next, Kylie moved the party to Vegas, where she wore a one-shouldered gold mini-dress (which she showed off on Snapchat).

7 The LBD

birthday celebrations continue

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Kylie also shared Snaps of her celebrating her anniversary of being alive with friends and cake in a strapless LBD.

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