26 Stars Who Appeared On '90s TV Shows Before They Got Famous

You'll never guess what show Milo Ventimiglia was on.

celebrities on 90s tv shows
(Image credit: ABC)

Listen, the biggest A-listers in Hollywood had to get their start somewhere, right?? And for sooo many of them, that "somewhere" was television. Some of your current faves were trying to make it big for a long time, and can be found in small roles in old '90s TV shows. These shows might have been super popular way back when (and, let's be real, now too), but these celebs weren't, which means you probably totally overlooked one of their first credited roles. And maybe you didn't appreciate them back in the day, but that doesn't mean you can't now!

While many of these stars had roles that were blink-and-you'll-miss-it small, some of them played characters who stuck around for several episodes, or even an entire season. They clearly made an impression, and went on to star in the television shows and movies that made them mega-famous. It's actually kind of adorable to see what they looked like when they were young and unknown, before they were plastered all over magazines and billboards. Here's a look at some of your fave stars who appeared on '90s TV shows before becoming household names.

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