Hailey Bieber Wears $16,000 Worth of Body Jewelry—Oh, and a Bikini, Too

While your eyes linger on the jewelry, don't miss her clever product placement in the photo.

Hailey Bieber in a bikini
(Image credit: Instagram / Hailey Bieber)

From the ski slopes to a yacht, Hailey Bieber is determined to bring the sizzle to this gray January.

In a recent Instagram carousel, Bieber shared a variety of photos from her New Year's getaway to Barbados. Along with her bestie Kendall Jenner and husband Justin Bieber, various friends joined the group to ring in 2024 in sunny style. Also along on the trip was Bad Bunny, Jenner's ex-boyfriend, which makes us wonder if a reunion is really out of the question...

One of the photos depicts Bieber in a cheeky thong bikini—a green style with a yellow trim by Miaou. Despite the bikini only costing $140, this is by no means an affordable look: paired with this itty bitty bikini is $16,000 (!) worth of body jewelry in the form of a yellow-gold diamond body chain by Jacquie Aiche.

This isn't the first time Bieber has worn one of the brand's pieces, as she previously paired a different diamond chain with a pink bikini in 2021 (but it might just be the most expensive one she's showcased yet).

Immediately, I'm concerned about Bieber accidentally pulling a Kim Kardashian "I lost my diamond earring in the ocean!" moment. Only now, it'll be "I lost my diamond chain!"

At least this would be slightly easier to spot in the ocean than a single earring, but no doubt just as painful. Be careful out there, Hailey!

Hailey Bieber in a bikini

(Image credit: Instagram / Hailey Bieber)

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Bieber further accessorizes the outfit with a familiar tube tucked beneath the strap: Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Serum. (Product placement for the win.) The product provides an answer to how she got her lips to look so luscious, as well as some cheeky promotion for Bieber's line. We love to see a beach babe boss.

In other photos, Bieber adopts the pantsless trend by wearing an oversized blue striped t-shirt on the beach. It's giving a five-year-old in their dad's t-shirt, and I love her for it.

Bieber also posed in a metal mesh patterned skirt by Christopher Esber with a cropped white Èterne tank in a dreamy sunset pic.

She is starting the year strong with some dreamy beach looks and helping us all "Add to Cart" in time for our own vacations later this year!

Hailey Bieber poses on the beach

(Image credit: Instagram / Hailey Bieber)
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