Hailey Bieber Made the Case for a Chainmail Skirt at the Beach

Once again, Bieber threw the fashion rulebook out the window.

Hailey Bieber tank top chainmail skirt
(Image credit: Courtesy of @haileybieber)

Hailey Bieber is not one to abide by the fashion rulebook. The model tends to lean into rule-breaking styles, fanning the flames by calling on riskier trends. As the poster child for the no-pants look, she's not afraid to step out in everything from an oversized sweater sans bottoms to itsy-bitsy micro shorts. She wears micro miniskirts in the winter, occasionally styling them with lace lingerie. So, would we expect her to call on traditional beach fashion for her Barbados vacation? No, of course not. Instead of, say, linen pants or a sarong, Bieber wore a chainmail skirt on the beach.

In an Instagram carousel posted yesterday, Bieber offered a glimpse into the past few days she's spent on the Caribbean island alongside her best friend, Kendall Jenner. Sandwiched between snaps of the model in cheeky bikinis and sheer dresses was one experimental ensemble that subverted standard beach dressing: Bieber wore a white tank top with a colorful metallic-mesh chainmail skirt (which is undeniably less conventional for the beach). Her shoes weren't visible in the photo, but we'd wager that they weren't your average sand-proof sandals or flip-flops either.

Hailey Bieber in a white tank top and colorful metallic mesh chainmail skirt on the beach

(Image credit: Courtesy of @haileybieber)

Bieber's white ribbed tank was from the basics brand ÉTERNE, a known favorite amongst celebrities. Her bold bottoms are by Christopher Esber, an Australian designer known for his sultry and party-ready offerings. Bieber is a longtime fan of Esber—and you've definitely seen the model wear one of the designer's cut-out, ruched gowns that tend to sell out instantly once they hit retailers.

The takeaway here from Bieber's unconventional beach outfit? It's fun to break the fashion rules every now and then. Doing so helps to cultivate a personal style that stands out from the monolith of "cores" and TikTok fads. Fashion trends are great sources of inspiration and jumping-off points, but the real magic happens when you go off script—like when Bieber put her spin on the red color trend in cherry-colored Ferragamo furs or ignited the '80s style revival, despite the early 2000s being the era on everyone's minds.

If you feel inspired by Bieber's chainmail-on-the-beach moment, you can buy her exact skirt below. We've rounded up a few other options, too, that are similar to the stunning Christopher Esber style at lower price points and in different silhouettes. Whether you have a beach getaway coming up on your winter agenda or would rather save a chainmail skirt for a night out for drinks, keep scrolling for some shopping inspiration.

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