Hailey Bieber Shares New Pregnant Selfie While Promoting Her Skincare Brand 

“Hot pink summer.”

Hailey Bieber Shares New Pregnant Selfie While Promoting Her Skincare Brand 
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Hailey Bieber is showing off her growing baby bump as she promotes her skincare line.

On Tuesday, June 18, the model shared a new pregnancy selfie on Instagram page of her skincare brand, Rhode. The founder rocked a black bodysuit that accentuated her pregnant belly, paired with a brown trench coat and matching black sunglasses.

"Hot pink summer 🎀 ," Bieber captioned the post. "HB with our matching summer lip case and peptide lip tint in shade shortcake 🍰 arriving June 20th at 9am PT."

The baby bump appearance combined with the "pink summer" captioned left more than a few fans to assume that Bieber and her husband, singer Justin Bieber, are expecting a soon-to-be baby girl.

"Is it a girl with all this pink? 👀🎀💗" one fan commented.

Others simply commented on how lovely the mom-to-be looked.

"Her bump is so cute🥹❤️," one fan posted.

"AHH MAMA BIEBER LOOKING FAB," another commented.

Over the weekend, Bieber celebrated the two-year anniversary of her skincare brand by once again sharing a series of photos to her Instagram highlighting her pregnant belly.

"2 years of @rhode 😭 Feel so very grateful that I get to bring this world of rhode to life everyday with the most incredible team of extraordinary, talented people," the model and entrepreneur captioned the post. "So thankful beyond words for the support and the love shown… and we’re just getting started 😝 HBD rhode."

In one picture, Bieber wears a simple pair of low-rise jeans with Rhode products in the pocket, as well as a small t-shirt that accentuated her baby belly. She also shared throwback photographs spanning the last two years promoting her product.

In May, the mom-to-be shared her, admittedly bizarre, pregnancy craving, giving fans more insight into what pregnant life has been like for the influencer.

"Currently my biggest craving…egg salad on top of a pickle with hot sauce,” she wrote alongside a photo of the snack shared on her Instagram Stories.

She also shared a series of photographs once again showing off her growing baby bump as she enjoyed what People described as “a tropical getaway” with her husband, making "the first time Hailey has posted her bump since she and Justin shared their exciting baby news."

A spokesperson for Bieber confirmed to People that she’s over six months pregnant, meaning she is likely due towards the end of the summer.

“Everyone is excited for them,” a source told the outlet at the time. “They will be great parents, and Justin will be super involved. This will be the next important project for him. He’s so excited to raise his baby.” 

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