Jenna Ortega is Officially Wearing the New Cool Girl Uniform

We hear celebrities like Ortega, Sydney Sweeney, and Kristen Kish loud and clear: the vest is back.

Jenna Ortega
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After months of dressing in all-black goth-inspired looks for the promotion of Wednesday (the Netflix series in which Jenna Ortega plays the titular character of Wednesday Addams), we are finally seeing her in something very different!

Gone is all-black, and in its place is the complete opposite—all-white! She embodies a winter wonderland dressed in white from head to toe.

Ortega is wearing a sheer blazer mini-dress with corset detailing by Adeam, and mega white platform heels to match. The dress consists of a corseted vest-like top with a structured skirt. It's elegant, it's feminine. It's kind of giving bridal?

She wore this glam look for the premiere of Finestkind, a Paramount film in which she plays a leading role. Ortega is almost unrecognizable in this gorgeous look, and we love how it flatters her.

With this outfit, Ortega is officially ushered into the new "Cool Girl" club of Hollywood. We've noticed that, in recent weeks, a new "Cool Girl" uniform is being worn by the trendiest celebs, and Ortega is perfectly on trend.

Vests were previously considered slightly out of fashion, or at least something to be layered. But now they've been repurposed into the ultimate night out look, a chic and bold touch to any outfit. Even better? Matching your trousers or skirt for a coordinated play on masculine and feminine. Ortega achieves this in the vest-like top half of her dress.

This look can also be seen in one of Sydney Sweeney's many, many outfits of yesterday, as she was out and about promoting her new film, Anyone But You. Sweeney wore a grey waistcoat and matching palazzo trousers in a working wardrobe elevated to evening wear.

Another example of this is in Kristen Kish's incredible outfit from the "A Year in TIME" party last night, where she wore a white waistcoat and matching trousers. It's a wonderful play on a masculine suit made feminine by the form-fitting structure.

We can't wait to see more vests turned into night looks, and we have no doubt that the upcoming festive season will be full of them!

Jenna Ortega at Finestkind

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Jenna Ortega at Finestkind

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Sydney Sweeney in NYC

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kristen Kish

(Image credit: Getty Images)

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