Not Only Does Kate Moss Have a Lookalike Daughter, But the Supermodel's Younger Sister Lottie Could Be Her Twin, Too

Those Moss genes are strong.

Lottie Moss
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We all know about Kate Moss and her lookalike daughter, Lila Moss. But it's time to discuss someone who could be Kate's twin: her younger half-sister Lottie Moss! Those Moss genes are strong.

You might have watched Lottie on Celebs Go Dating, where she infamously dated Love Island's Adam Collard. She was a high fashion model just like her big sis, but has since moved on to focus on acting and her OnlyFans account.

Her first role will be as Diana in April X, a futuristic thriller movie. The film is a near-future thriller about twins Bax (played by Connor Storrie) and April (Lilly Krug) and will be directed by Michel K. Parand.

Lottie was spotted on set leaving her trailer, and for a moment, we honestly thought it was Kate!

She is pictured wearing a khaki green jacket (with the tags still attached), a white patterned crop top, gray jeans, and brown boots. The crop top is short enough to show off her underboob tattoo. Lottie has numerous tattoos, including one on her face that says "Lover."

Lottie Moss

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Kate and Lottie have a 24-year age gap, which naturally makes it a bit challenging for them to be close.

"I love her," Lottie told The Sun last year. "She’s my sister, but we’re just not close."

But Lottie did share a fond memory of Kate with Vogue in 2015, recalling, "My first memory of my sister is that she’d always dress me up in her clothes, and when I was really young she’d always put huge fur on me and these glittery things."

She was one of Kate's bridesmaids at her 2011 wedding to Jamie Hince.

Lottie is actually closer in age to Kate's daughter, Lila, as they are only five years apart. She told You Magazine in 2019 that she views Lila more as “a little sister” than a niece and that they used to play together when they were younger.

Lottie also stayed with Lila and Kate during the COVID-19 lockdown. “Me and [Lila] got closer,” she told The Sun.

Kate Moss and Lottie Moss, 2014

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Lottie has spoken openly about her struggles with mental health, and recently broke down in tears in a TikTok video as she discussed her anxiety.

"'But I really want to be more open and talk about things on TikTok because I think it's important to show people that life isn't as shiny and bright as it is on social media," she said.

"I have struggled so much since I was young with depression, anxiety, and problems with addiction, and becoming a model and being in that industry made it very difficult for me not to feel that way and just succumb to drugs and alcohol whenever I felt sad," she said.

Kate Moss and Lila Moss

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