Taylor Schilling Went All Out Filming a Sex Scene, Injured Herself

A most unusual occupational hazard.

Taylor Schilling
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If we have learned anything from celebrities, it is that sex scenes are very individual experiences. Brooklyn Decker's was super awkward, but the Evian-spray sweat made it chic at the same time. Emilia Clarke's involved a fluffy pink sock concealing Aquaman's, um, trident. And Mindy Kaling likes filming hers because it can be just as fun to make believe.

Taylor Schilling's Orange Is the New Black story, though, takes top prize, given the blood loss and subsequent medical attention.

"I hurt myself," Schilling said during a recent appearance on Seth Meyers. "I got very excited, I took my shirt off, and I scratched myself with my little name tag. There was a gash on my face—there was blood," she continued, adding that the show needed to take an hour break while she had the cut checked out.

Tough job (faux) getting it on with Laura Prepon, but someone's got to do it. Watch the interview below.

Chelsea Peng
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