Sia's New Music Video Stars Another Young, Wig-Clad Muse Who Kicks Ass

She's got one mean karate chop.

A young girl stood in a karate pose wearing a wig (half black, half white).
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Update, 11/5: The music video is aliiiiiive! Directed by Sia herself alongside Daniel Askill, it stars a young Japanese girl named Mahiro Takano who is a wig-clad master of martial arts. Get ready to have your mind blown below:

Original, 11/3: Sia and her signature platinum wig just released a new song, and it was this close to being on Adele's forthcoming album. The artists worked together for Adele's 25, and while their collaborations didn't make the cut, two songs became singles for Sia.

The songwriter's new album, This Is Acting, drops January 29, and like the first single, "Alive," her new song, "Bird Set Free" was written by Adele, Sia, and Tobias Jesso Jr.

"I actually love the dynamic of us both being in there and just f—king being bossy," Adele told Rolling Stone (opens in new tab) of working with Sia. "And it's all these male producers, and they're all f—king sh—tting themselves 'cause we're in there."

After listening to the song, it's hard to understand why Adele passed on something so beautiful (especially with personal lyrics like "had a voice but I could not sing"), but Sia absolutely kills it. Listen to "Bird Set Free" below.

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Mehera Bonner
Mehera Bonner

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