A Makeup-Free Adele Is Apologizing to Her Fans

She woke up like this. No, really, she woke up like this.

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Hello? Can you hear me? It's Adele, and she's sans makeup because there are far more important things than winged eyeliner at hand, mmmkay? The British chanteuse had to cancel a show, and filmed an Instagram video explaining that a cold got the better of her.

"I've been trying to sing all morning, and warming up, and nothing's really happening," Adele says in the below clip. "I will reschedule this show, I promise you, and I will smash it for you."

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As you can see, Adele isn't wearing any product on her face, and her signature cat-eye is nowhere to be found. Naturally, she still looks fifty shades of fabulous and fierce, and let's be honest here: who has time for liquid liner when your most intimate relationship at the moment is with a box of tissues? No one, that's who.

Hello from the other side of your cold, Adele! Hope you get here soon.

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