Jennifer Lawrence Jokes About Giving "Unenthusiastic Handjobs" During 'Celebrity Mean Tweets'

Just JLaw being JLaw.

The gift to mankind that is Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrities Read Mean Tweets is back for Volume 11, and it's perhaps the best yet. Featuring the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Gal Gadot, Alec Baldwin, Elisabeth Moss, and Emma Watson (to name a few), the video features the following gems:

"Can Gwyneth Paltrow just stick to steaming her vagina and shut the f*ck up for f*ck's sake."

"Jennifer Aniston is what happens when a bag of flour gets its big break."

"Jim Parsons looks like a ventriloquist dummy that came to life to become a sex offender."

"I bet Jennifer Lawrence gives really unenthusiastic hand jobs."

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(Image credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

And yes, Alec Baldwin's mean tweet was from Donald Trump. We'll keep the suspense alive and let you watch the above video to find out which it is...


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