Prince Louis Was on a "Sugar High" While Misbehaving at the Jubilee, Mike Tindall Revealed

This makes sooo much sense.

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee 2022 - Platinum Pageant
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If Queen Elizabeth II was the star of the Jubilee celebrations, four-year-old Prince Louis was the foil, or the court jester. (If you're a literature fiend, please don't hold this against me—I'm not particularly up to speed on my classics references.)

The little prince pulled a bunch of funny faces and was generally a little hyper throughout the public events he attended, to the great delight of royal fans everywhere. People loved Louis' attitude so much that his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge even playfully addressed it in a tweet after the fact.

Speaking on his podcast The Good, The Bad and The Rugby, Mike Tindall—husband of Zara, cousin of Prince William—finally provided an explanation as to why Louis was in such, ahem, good spirits. I have to say, it makes so much sense.

"Louis, he was just wanting to have fun, and my two (daughters) are always mischievous, so it was trying to keep a lid on," Tindall explained (via The Telegraph).

"There was a lot of sweets out back though, so they had complete sugar highs. It's tough for them. They're all young, so asking them to sit, because it was two 'til five or whatever, it's a long time.

"As any parent knows you just do whatever needs to be done."

During the Jubilee Pageant, Tindall was seated behind Prince Louis with his children Mia, Lena and Lucas. At one point, the former rugby player was pictured making a comical "I'm watching you" gesture towards Prince Louis, to make sure he behaved properly.

Body language expert Darren Stanton previously praised Kate Middleton for the way she handled little Louis' excess energy. "As Kate interacted with Louis you’ll notice that she positions her face very close to him, she also bends her head to reduce her height while interacting with him—such a gesture is one of a nurturing nature, it allows her to build a deep rapport with her son," he told Marie Claire.

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