Princess Eugenie's New Baby Will Allow the Royal Family to "Put Behind Them a Year of Sorrow and Conflict," Astrologer Says

All good things!

Princess Eugenie
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Just days ago, astrologer and psychic Inbaal Honigman predicted that King Charles could usher in a lot of newness in his first year as monarch—including a potential new baby.

Honigman said that, in 2023, "Charles will feel happy to have his family near him, and there will be many happy family occasions, even another wedding on the horizon for the extended royal brood, and a birth."

And then, boom! Princess Eugenie announced she and her husband Jack Brooksbank are expecting their second child together.

Honigman, of course, isn't surprised by the timing of it all.

"Princess Eugenie's announcement of a new arrival to be born to the Royal Family this year couldn't come at a more perfect astrological time, shortly following the first New Moon of 2023, which was in Aquarius," the astrologer told Marie Claire on Jan. 24, shortly after Eugenie posted the happy news on Instagram.

"During the New Moon, the Sun sign and the Moon sign are in the same zodiac, and Aquarius is a sign that represents humanitarianism, family values and renewed hope.

"The day of the announcement itself, the Moon had just moved into Pisces, and that's hugely symbolic, because Pisces is the final sign in the Western zodiac. When we deal with Pisces, we're dealing with a deeply emotional [energy], and as Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, it talks of turning over a new leaf.

"Making the announcement during the Pisces Moon so shortly after the first New Moon of 2023 means that this baby's birth will allow us to put behind a year of sorrow and conflict for the Royal Family, and give birth to a new era."

Of course, in recent months, the royals have had to deal with the aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II's passing, as well as the many shock revelations made by Prince Harry in his book and Netflix docuseries.

For Honigman, things will be a lot more smooth-sailing for the Windsors from here on out.

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