The Queen Said Florals Are In for Summer With Her Latest Outfit

VERY cute.

Audiences With The Queen At Windsor Castle
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The Queen doesn't follow trends: She knows what works for her, and she sticks with it.

As such, we often see Her Majesty rocking all variety of bright colors: pinks and blues and greens, for instance. But once in a while, she likes to go down a floral route, and I'm not gonna lie, I love that path for her.

While presenting the British National Health Service with the prestigious George Cross to recognize the organization for its contributions to the nation, the monarch wore—nay, rocked—a white, long-sleeved, shift-dress with a beautifully summery pink and green floral pattern. I would love to hear what Miranda Priestly has to say about that.

Audiences With The Queen At Windsor Castle

(Image credit: Photo by Pool / Getty)

The monarch paired the frock with a simple pair of pearl earrings, and her trusty black loafers. She also appeared to still be sporting that fresh new 'do she got post-Jubilee, which is a tad shorter than we're used to, and perfect for the current British heatwave.

The Queen was joined by Prince Charles in awarding the George Cross to the Chief Executive of NHS England and the Modern Matron at University Hospital Coventry and Warkwickshire, who accepted it on behalf of the Health Service as a whole.

The Cross is especially significant, because it was an initiative started by the Queen's father during World War II.

On Instagram, the Queen's account wrote:

"'It is with great pleasure on behalf of a grateful nation, that I award the George Cross to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom.'

"Today The Queen, accompanied by The Prince of Wales, presented the George Cross to representatives of the National Health Service at Windsor Castle.

"The award recognises staff, past and present, across all disciplines and all four nations.

"The Chief Executives and front line workers from each of the Home Nations accepted the award. Recipients included Modern Matron May Parsons (front row, second left) from University Hospital Coventry who administered the world’s first COVID vaccine in December 2020.

"The George Cross was instituted by King George VI on 24th September 1940, during the height of the Blitz, to recognise, 'acts of the greatest heroism or the most courage in circumstances of extreme danger.'

"This is only the second time during The Queen’s 70-year reign that the award has been presented collectively to an organisation or group of people (Her Majesty presented the George Cross to the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1999)."

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