A Comprehensive Lip Reading of the Royal Family's Conversations at Yesterday’s Coronation

“Yaaay King!” — the iconic Prince Louis

Prince Louis
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There were a lot of members of the royal family at King Charles’ Coronation at Westminster Abbey yesterday, and, as such, a lot of lips to read. We already reported yesterday on what Prince Harry and Jack Brooksbank (Princess Eugenie’s husband) allegedly said, but let’s dig into all that we know from other members of the family, too, shall we?

Let’s start with Harry: According to The Daily Mail, Harry shared a happy exchange with Eugenie—one of his closest cousins—as they arrived at the Abbey. Eugenie is pregnant with her and Jack’s second child (due this summer), and lip reader Jacqui Press says she made out Harry saying “Wow, amazing, look at the bump!” as he saw her—using his hands to drive home the point. “I know,” Jack replied, smiling as they walked towards their seats on the third row.

Press also caught a funny moment between the Princess of Wales (Kate) and the Duchess of Edinburgh (Sophie), while both stood on the iconic Buckingham Palace balcony taking in the crowds assembled below. Sophie looked at Kate and asked, “Where’s George?” as they walked out onto the balcony—Prince George, the eldest child of Prince William and Kate, had already been out on the balcony alongside King Charles and Queen Camilla and the other Pages of Honor. Kate laughed and responded, “Oh yes!” which William then repeated, apparently realizing where George was. 

Members of the royal family on the balcony at the Coronation

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According to The Mirror, lip reader Elisabeth Taunton caught Sophie saying to William and Kate, “It’s a pity Louis didn’t wear his shorts.” William responded “Oh, he didn’t want to wear his shorts,” to which Kate agreed: “Yeah.”

As the King walked out on the balcony, he apparently became afraid of getting too close to the edge, as he reportedly said, “I don’t want to get too close—I might give myself a fright!” The King then said to his wife, “Be careful, come close.” Camilla remarked of the crowds, “Oh, look how wonderful this is. Remarkable.” Charles then asked, “Is everyone here?” before Camilla smiled and said, “This is so lovely,” before looking up and holding her hand out. She then added “Ohhh, rain,” before pausing and trying to tilt her head upward—but she couldn’t, as her head was weighed down by her crown.

King Charles and Queen Camilla on the Buckingham Palace balcony

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As the family prepared to watch the flypast on the balcony, Kate said to William, “It’s raining,” to which the Prince of Wales responded with a disappointed sigh. As the Red Arrows flew past, William said to his children, “Look, guys, please.” One of the boys on the balcony said, “It’s loud!” and George smiled and agreed, responding “Yes!” As the Red Arrows arrived, Camilla reportedly said, “Oh look, here they come.” As the helicopters approached, Charles said, “It feels wonderfully wobbly and almost makes it shake around” (okay?). Louis apparently said, “What’s those? ‘Copters?” to which William responded “Wave.”

The Wales family on the Buckingham Palace balcony

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As they walked off the balcony and back inside the Palace, William told Prince Louis “Wave!” again. The King waved to the crowds and said, “Thank you everybody, thank you very much” before exclaiming “Look at everyone here.” Camilla, before going inside, said, “Bye! So lovely.”

Let’s back up now to the King and Queen riding to the Abbey in the Jubilee State Coach, where they shared a conversation about the weather:

Charles: Oh, look at that (remarking on the rain). Pointing to the crowd: Wonderful. Marvelous.

Camilla: Oh, look, see that, see that—flags. I can, yes, it’s super, amazing.

Charles: It looks wonderful, see that?

Camilla: So beautiful.

Charles: I’m worried about time. I mean, it’s been longer this time, and, well, erm, I mean, look! I know. (It’s unclear as to what the King was referring to when he said “Look!” but Press noted he said it with much enthusiasm. It’s also worth noting that the Coach arrived early, beating the Wales family of five—hence the wait.) 

As the two walked into the Abbey:

Camilla: Can you help? (Her cloak was stuck.) Thank you.

Charles: Wait here? Now?

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were arriving at the Abbey.

Louis, to Charlotte: Yes. Look, waving. (Smiling and waving from the car to onlookers) Yes, of course.

As the family got out of the car:

Kate, to William: Are you okay? Look at the bottom of you… (as she gestures towards his gown)

William: Yes, it’s caught. (Smiles)

Kate: Just mind your gown.

William: Don’t worry, I caught it.

During the ceremony, William said something to his father—as of yet unknown—but it appeared to move the King, and he responded, “Thank you, William.” On his way out of the Abbey, the King turned to the faith leaders and said, “Thank you,” and “It was wonderful.”

King Charles and Prince William at the Coronation

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As the Wales family of five rode in the carriage from the Abbey to the Palace:

Louis: Lots of people waving. Yaaay King!

Yaaay King, indeed!

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