Prince Harry and Prince William Are Showing No "Desire" to "Put an End" to Their Royal Feud, Expert Claims


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Princes William and Harry are not friends and will not be for a while, it seems.

A source said recently, "Harry admitted he'd phoned William to call a truce and told his brother he and Meghan would be open to going back to London, where they would serve King Charles."

But one royal expert is highly skeptical about the accuracy of this statement.

"The damage, the wounds, are so deep that it's going to take an awful lot, and an awful long time, to heal those wounds," Sarah Hewson told Sky News Australia (via Express).

"At this stage, I just don't see any evidence that there's a desire, on either side, yet, to put an end to this.

"The real shame about this is all the good work that Harry and Meghan said that they wanted to do [and] that incredible work that Harry has done with Invictus Games, for example, has utterly [been] overshadowed by all of this family drama and it being played out in the media."

At the moment, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are having a weird time career-wise as they figure out what to do next after their Spotify deal fell through, and Hewson has some thoughts about the best way for them to go about this transition.

"The best thing that they could really do is focus on that work now, put aside that family spat, and really get on with the things that they said they wanted to do," she said.

"Make a difference [and] just serve, as we hear them say, and maybe then, things will start to look up."

Back in January, Harry admitted he would like to have a relationship with his brother, but was waiting for William to make the next move. This, as far as we know, has not happened.

Meanwhile, Hewson's comments corroborate what another anonymous source said recently: "William hasn’t reached out to Harry and vice versa [over the past few months]. They haven’t been arguing, but there hasn’t been any contact made either. No telephone calls, no FaceTime and no Zoom calls."


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