Princess Charlotte Has a Ton of Royal Role Models to Look Up To, Says Expert

She's well surrounded.

Princess Charlotte in a headpiece at King Charles' Coronation
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It seems Princess Charlotte has quite a sweet relationship with her two brothers, Princes George and Louis—complete with bickering and one-upmanship, as well as lots of love and laughter.

Obviously, though, as the only girl among her siblings, it's important for her to have other girls and women to look up to, as she grows up and attempts to find her place among the Royal Family. Thankfully, Charlotte has plenty of strong role models around her who are sure to be helping on that front.

"Charlotte strikes me as quite a confident young lady but, with two brothers, she will no doubt be looking to her mother and other women in the family as role models," royal expert Jennie Bond told OK!.

"Charlotte is reaching the age when she can really appreciate her mother’s sense of style and they can share 'girlie' moments together. Catherine also provides the perfect role model for how to behave as a senior member of the Royal Family."

Bond's comments were perfectly exemplified when Charlotte attended Wimbledon for the first time this past summer, and the little girl rocked some adorable sunglasses, subtly twinning with her mom Kate.

"Similarly, I’m sure Great Aunt Sophie is fun to be around and is someone Charlotte could emulate," Bond continued. Incidentally, the expert also believes that both Prince William and Princess Kate are very fond of Duchess Sophie, and have a strong friendship with her.

"And then there’s Lady Louise, a lovely girl who is incredibly down to earth," Bond added. "She worked in a garden centre, is very sporty and is closer in age to Charlotte."

Tellingly, last year, there were reports that Lady Louise was teaching Charlotte to draw while they were both at Balmoral for the summer.

Between all these lovely women in her family, her educational time at Lambrook School, and the Waleses' loving parenting style, it sounds like Charlotte has all the tools she needs to become a well-rounded, happy woman in the future.

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