Another Green Dress? We Know Exactly What Taylor Swift Is Trying to Tell Us

"There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation."

Taylor Swift in green dress
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After Taylor Swift wore a green dress to the Golden Globes last Sunday, I was ready to discuss how this is clearly an Easter Egg for the release of Reputation (Taylor's Version).

Two days later, Swift left a recording studio wearing a ribbed forest-green sweater dress that peaked out of a tan double-breasted Stella McCartney coat, completed by knee-high Gucci leather boots. Another green dress.

Last night, the "Mastermind" singer was spotted in a green velvet dress, out to dinner with her bestie, Blake Lively. Oh, and did I mention she was wearing Jimmy Choo boots with a snake design on them? Not only is this another green dress, but literal SNAKE boots?!

Please tell me you're seeing what I'm seeing, and don't call my therapist, as I am definitely not reading into things.

It was time after the green dress for the Golden Globes, and two dresses and snake boots later, it is most certainly time.

Reputation (Taylor's Version) is coming our way.

Blake Lively wearing a colorful striped sweater with a suede skirt and orange heels and Taylor Swift wearing a green velvet dress with brown boots

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Swift released 1989 (Taylor's Version) on the 27th of October, 2023. Since then, fans have debated what will be next. Will she rerecord Reputation and leave Taylor Swift for last in a "Circle of Life" vibe? Or will she get her debut album out the way (sorry, but no one is that impatient for it), and finish it off with her Reputation era, her move into something bigger and better.

I've pondered both options and determined that she's too much of a sucker for symbolism, so she'll do Reputation (Taylor's Version) and then Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version) last.

Her outfits this week are proving me right.

Some fans thought the green might be a nod to the earthy tones of Taylor Swift, such as how purple was a hint at Speak Now.

The original album cover for Taylor Swift has the baby-faced singer in front of a green and blue background filled with butterflies. If we were about to receive Taylor Swift (Taylor's Version), you bet we'd be seeing some butterflies in her look.

Reputation may have a black and white cover, but it is frequently associated with green and gold as well, which has been present in her recent looks.

Taylor Swift

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You heard it here first: we can definitely expect the announcement of Reputation (Taylor's Version) within the next month, and both albums will be done before 2024 is over.

Swift has not said this in words as such, but she has also not denied it.

In the meantime, this very excited Swiftie will be seeing her perform live twice this year and overanalyzing each and every outfit.

"There will be no further explanation. There will just be reputation."

Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift Reputation Tour

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