Hey, Taylor Swift: Blink Twice if This is 'Reputation' Hair

Loose waves at Travis Kelce's game have fans at it again.

Taylor Swift at Chiefs vs. Ravens game
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Everything Taylor Swift does is Taylor Swift-coded. Nobody has the ability to be more self-referential, filling their life with Easter Egg after Easter Egg, clue after clue, leading her pack of passionate Swifties towards some sort of grand reveal and pay-off for the work these die-hards do. (Which is more than we can say for a lot of things that employ Easter Eggs for fans!) Unless, of course, she feels trapped in this ouroboros of her own making, but...that can't be possible. Could it?

Anyway...Taylor Swift wore her hair in a more natural wavy bangs and loose curls situation at Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs game against the Baltimore Ravens. And, also naturally (at this point), it has fans convinced that it is a reference to her album Reputation.

Taylor Swift

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And, well, given Swift's recent trips to the recording studio in New York—no doubt working on more of her "Taylor's Version" re-records—it feels silly to see the singer sporting a look reminiscent to what she rocked on the "Reputation Tour" in 2018 and not assume that she's telegraphing what comes next.

Because that's what T. Swift does, right? Put it all out there, subliminally or otherwise? Gosh, this all sounds like a lot of pressure to put on a person's every single micro-decision! Even if she did sorta do it to herself, right? It must be exhausting to be Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift

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Hey Taylor: Are you OK, babe? Do you need help getting out of this world of self-reference? Blink twice if this is Reputation hair and you need an escape plan.

Or maybe this is just a coincidence, and at the end of the day, Taylor Swift couldn't be assed to straighten her and make it look like a non-frizzy, presentable mess (a Certified Struggle if you don't have a Glam Squad handy, as this curly-haired writer can attest)! Maybe her boyfriend Travis Kelce likes it this way. Maybe she likes it this way!

But also, we all know if Taylor Swift can be anything, it is assed to put in the extra effort to make something really sing. (Yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes.)

But also: Taylor—give us a blink, maybe. Eh?

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