Taylor Swift's Outfit on the New 'Fearless' Cover Might Be a Meaningful Easter Egg

Fans think that Taylor Swift's choice of clothing for her new 'Fearless' cover is a meaningful Easter egg about her new state of empowerment.

  • In an Instagram post this week, Taylor Swift announced that the first of her re-recorded albums will be Fearless
  • The singer has been open about her plan to re-record her albums since her masters were sold to Scooter Braun (and later to investment fund Shamrock Capital).
  • Fans believe they spotted a meaningful Easter egg in the cover art for Fearless (Taylor's Version)which the singer shared on Instagram Thursday, along with a coded message revealing the album's release date (April 9).

Taylor Swift has been vocal about her plan to re-record her old albums since 2019 and now she's making good on that promise. This week, the 31-year-old singer dropped her re-recorded version of 2008's hit "Love Story," and fans have been, predictably, losing their damn minds about it.

It wouldn't be a Taylor Swift album rollout without plenty of Easter eggs and Taylor has been keeping them coming. In an Instagram post on Thursday, she shared the cover art for Fearless (Taylor's Version), as well as a coded message revealing its release date (April 9, aka 4/9, which, added together equals 13, Taylor's lucky number).

"I’m thrilled to tell you that my new version of Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is done and will be with you soon. It has 26 songs including 6 never before released songs from the vault," she wrote in the post's caption. "Love Story (Taylor’s Version) will be out tonight. 💛💛."

The cover art for Fearless (Taylor's Version) is reminiscent of the cover art for the original 2008 album, and features Taylor with her long, curly hair fanned out around her head. Fans were quick to note the seeming significance of the shirt Taylor is wearing in the new art, however, which is quite different from the original version. On the 2008 Fearless cover, Taylor appeared to be wearing an elegant white dress with a delicate halter top. In the 2021 version, her loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt looks a lot like the Shakespearean-style shirt worn by actor Justin Gaston, who played the Romeo character in Taylor's "Love Story" music video.

IRL, the top is a cream satin Fernanda blouse from Ulla Johnson that retails for $395, but is on sale for $297 now, if you're interested:

"When I think back on the fearless album and all that you turned it into, a completely involuntary smile creeps across my face. This was the musical era in which so many inside jokes were created between us, so many hugs exchanged and hands touches, so many unbreakable bonds formed," Taylor wrote in part of the aforementioned coded message along with the announcement [capitalization corrected in this post, but we have a full breakdown of the code here]. "So before I say anything else, let me just say that it was a real honor to get to be a teenager alongside you. And for those of you I’ve come to know more recently than 2008, I am ecstatic that I’ll get to experience a bit of that feeling with you in the very near future. now that I can fully appreciate it in its whimsical, effervescent, chaotic entirety."


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