Excuse Me, Timothée Chalamet? Ross Geller Would Like His Pants Back

The young 'Wonka' star just might have been inspired by 'Friends' for his latest look.

Timothée Chalamet
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Timothée Chalamet has been doing the press circuit lately for his latest film, Wonka, in which he plays the titular character of Willy Wonka. Luckily, he's often been joined by his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, as the two aim to be very supportive of one another's careers.

His latest appearance was on ABC'S Good Morning America, for which he wore a tweed jacket, grey turtleneck, and leather pants.

It's not Chalamet's first time dabbling in a leather look, as he recently wore a brown leather suit for the global premiere of Wonka in London. He's also not the only star to be jumping on the leather trend train, as it seems just about everyone is wearing this look at the moment.

But I noticed what can only be a Taylor Swift-style Easter Egg in Chalamet's latest look.

You see, I think Chalamet is trying to tell us something, and that something is that he's a huge Friends fan.

Upon seeing his leather pants, I was instantly reminded of Ross Geller's infamous leather pants episode.

In "The One with All the Resolutions" (season five, episode eleven), the gang decides to make New Year's resolutions and actually try to stick to them — that'll be us in about two weeks! Ross decides to do something new each day, as he's in a funk from his tenth divorce, or however many it is by now.

The new thing he does one day is enter a leather store and buy a pair of leather pants. Naturally, all his friends mock him relentlessly (except Chandler, who can't for the risk of breaking his resolution), but Ross is optimistic about his pants.

He is so optimistic that he wears them on a date. Due to the excessive heat of the leather, the pants get stuck, and long story short, he ends up leaving his date covered in baby oil and talcum powder. Yikes.

Let's hope Chalamet's night in leather pants ended better than Ross's, and he didn't get them stuck in Jenner's bathroom. And also, this is definitely your sign to start rewatching all of Friends.

Timothée Chalamet

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