Tom Holland Says Zendaya Once Needed Stitches After Trying to Make Him a Romantic Meal

It's the thought that counts?????

Zendaya and Tom Holland laugh on a red carpet
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Zendaya is an incredibly talented actress, singer and dancer, seems like a sweet and funny person, fights for the greater good, and has an out-of-this-world fashion sense. But just like all of us, it seems Z isn't a natural at everything she tries, despite what you might think.

Exhibit A: It sounds like her cooking is not only not, like, amazing, but is also straight-up dangerous, according to a story her boyfriend Tom Holland told in a recent interview.

"I would consider myself a good cook," Holland said on the Family Trips With the Meyers Brothers podcast (via Entertainment Tonight). "Zendaya doesn't seem to like my cooking, but the upside to me cooking over Zendaya cooking is that I'll finish with 10 digits—and if Zendaya cooks, she'll slice one of her fingers off."

Lovingly teasing Z, the Spider-Man actor continued, "I don't know why she decides to chop up vegetables like she's some sort of samurai. It is the most stressful experience ever." He added, quite reasonably, "So I do the majority of the cooking."

Anyway, one time while Holland was filming new mini-series The Crowded Room in New York City, Zendaya sweetly attempted to cook him dinner for when he got home, but sadly things did NOT go as planned.

"I came home, I saw an empty kitchen with food everywhere, a really bloody rag and a knife and was I like, 'Oh my God, what's happened?' and she cut herself, like really badly too," Holland said. Gulp.

Zendaya said her injury was nothing, but Holland told her, "We need to go to the hospital, you need stitches, that is really deep."

In the end, Zendaya was given stitches and didn't even need anesthesia, per Holland. "She was fine. She was a boss about it," he said. Meanwhile, Holland thinks that if he'd gotten the injury instead of Z, "I'd black out, I'd actually black out." Relatable.

While the actor joked, "She'll probably hate me for telling you that story," Zendaya herself had actually chronicled it on Instagram Stories last year, so my bet is she'll forgive him fairly promptly.

Aw, these two :)

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