17 Things Only People Who Live in Cities Understand

"A hustle here and a hustle there."

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1. Brunch and its incredible significance in your life. Where else can you rehash events from the night before with your friends, drink, and order Eggs Benedict?

2. The struggle over whether you should give up trying to get a taxi after 20 minutes. Or fight to the finish since you've already made it so far.

3. You know that pigeons defecating on your newly blown out hair is not, in fact, "good luck."

4. Each corner becomes a race to see if you can beat Suit Guy or Sneaker Lady to the next corner. And it counts as your workout for the day.

5. The importance of geo-tagging on Instagram. How else will I know what everyone at this restaurant has ordered before me?

6. The feeling of panic when you realize you may have left your apartment without your cell phone. There's NO way you're climbing up those five flights of stairs again.

7. That it's socially acceptable to ask people how much they pay in rent each month. And then shed one glistening tear when they explain that their apartment is rent-controlled… and has a backyard.

8. Get irrationally mad at the slow walker in front of you. I'm late for work! Are you a snail? Is this a sidewalk for snails? I didn't think so!

9. And then overwhelmed with guilt when you realize it's a senior citizen. Oops. Take your time ma'am.

10. Pizza has never tasted better (or had less calories!) than when eaten at 3am. Who needs dinner when you can fill up on bar snacks and beers and then fall asleep with a pizza in your bed?

11. Rooftop parties. And how many Instagram likes they score you.

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12. The threat of a sidewalk grate-related death at any moment. When, I ask you, are those going to be outlawed? Who can I tweet about this?

13. You're not mad when air conditioner goo sprays on you from above. It's refreshing!

14. Commuting is "me" time. I just want to sit here, listen to to my embarrassing playlist on Spotify's privacy setting, and not talk.

15. When visiting relatives comment on the foul smell. You're completely immune.

16. You've seen the same person panhandling on the same corner now for seven years. You know each other by name.

17. Your walk home can include a cocktail, a major shopping jaunt, running into an ex, and petting at least three dogs. In no particular order.

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