Here's What Regina George's Sister Looks Like All Grown Up

For Mean Girls Day, she shared a #TBT with "mom" Amy Poehler.


Child actress Nicole Crimi had a memorable role as Regina George's younger sister Kylie in Mean Girls, showing off her best inappropriate dance moves to Kelis' hit "Milkshake" in the George family home. And for 2017's Mean Girls Day—"It's October 3"—Crimi shared a delightful #TBT: With Amy Poehler, who played her mother:

Last year, she did the same with a photo with original star Lindsay Lohan:

For comparison's sake, here's a then and now of Crimi:

Paramount, courtesy

Back in 2015, Crimi told BuzzFeed she prepared for her scene, and the dance moves specifically, by watching Beyoncé's "Baby Boy" video, because Beyoncé is everywhere. She no longer acts (IMDB lists her last credit as from 2006, in fact), however, and is in her senior year at McMaster University. Though she plans to go to medical school, she's also an amazing artist:

Also for this year's Mean Girls Day, other members of the original cast teamed up to raise money for victims of Sunday's Las Vegas shooting. No word if/when the whole original film cast will come together for a full reunion, or maybe even... a sequel? (No, this one doesn't count.)

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