These Powerful Photos Show the Dangers of Judging Women by Their Clothes

You're not defined by how short—or long—your skirt is.

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A lot goes into picking out an outfit in the morning, and it all goes through your head. But often times, so does what others will think of you because of what you wear.

Terre Des Femmes, a Swiss organization for gender equality, is fighting back against the unfair judgment women face about how they dress with an ad campaign called "Don't Measure A Woman's Worth By Her Clothes." Along with students at the Miami Ad School in Germany, artist Theresa Wlokka created three powerful images, depicting commonly sexualized areas (like a woman's chest and legs) along with "measuring sticks."

It's a glaring reminder that if a girl wears a low-cut shirt, it doesn't mean she's promiscuous, and a knee-length skirt, doesn't mean she's prude or boring. The images also highlight a common justification heard in sexual assault cases—the insane idea that showing skin means the victim was "asking for it."

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Heel Height

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