Why That Epic 'Big Little Lies' Scene Was Cut, and Where You Can Watch It

It was supposed to be the most iconic Big Little Lies season 2 moment of them all. But yesterday's episode came and went, and no big "ice cream" moment.

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Spoiler alert for season two of Big Little Lies episode 5. We had the scream. Then it was the slap. But apparently both of those pale in comparison to the show's rumored "ice cream" scene, which was supposed to be the most iconic Big Little Lies season 2 moment of them all. But yesterday's episode came and went, and the big moment was nowhere to be found. Fans were, unsurprisingly, totally irritated, but Meryl Streep gave fans the scoop (terrible pun totally intended, sorry) about what happened. 

First, here's what I'm talking about in case the words "ice cream throw" means nothing to you. Allll the way back in August 2018, photos were snapped of Reese Witherspoon (who plays Madeline) hurling—hurling—a cone of ice cream at the back of Meryl Streep's head. Fans were delighted to see the two acting titans face off against each other. But then, in May, Meryl (who plays Mary Louise) broke all of our hearts, telling Entertainment Tonight, "[Reese] just told me it's not in the show!" But, she added, "It's [going to be] in the DVD extras." Phew. So, we can all see the frozen dairy fight, just not yet. Maybe the producers felt like they had enough big moments already? And that Madeline and Mary Louise mattered less than the Celeste vs. Mary Louise custody battle? 

Here are the original pics of Reese and Meryl:

And fans were not happy, to say the least, when they realized.

It's gonna be ok...eventually.

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