Which Couples Get Engaged on 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 6?

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Potential spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise season 6 ahead. The wildest Bachelor Nation show is about to take over our screens once more—and it's bringing the shenanigans this season (including one contestant bodyslamming another, yikes). Thankfully, some of the more positive spoilers to result from Bachelor in Paradise are engagements. Those couples who make it through the drama and come out strong the other side are often the most fun part of the show: The ones to root for, and to 'ship after the show ends. Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson are perfect examples. They met, fell in love, got engaged at the end of their season, and came back to film their wedding this season. So who are the couples that we know are leaving the show planning their future together? These are the spoilery engagements, connections, and pairings we have so far.

Hannah Brown comes on to support one of the couples-to-be.

So, at the point this was aired, Hannah is probably still engaged to Jed Wyatt (yikes) but there's nothing to indicate that he's on the show too. It's more likely that she's there to support her BFF Demi Burnett, who's dating Derek Peth currently, but is about to bring on her new girlfriend Kristian Haggerty (more on them below). Demi's gotten flack for dating Derek while having a girlfriend at home and potentially having a "plan" to bring on her girlfriend once the season started. So chances are good that the former Bachelorette is coming on the show for a heart-to-heart with Demi—showing that lots of members of Bachelor Nation are behind her. Would Hannah even "convince" Demi to bring Kristian on instead of leading Derek on? TBD: We know Kristian comes on the show on 8/20, and it'll be fascinating to watch.

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski.

The guy who "retired" from the Bachelorverse has found love at last?? It would seem so. In the latest BiP trailer, Katie basically says she is not here for the drama and just wants one guy. There are also shots of her weeping and smiling, so it sounds like it's a bit of a long road to love for the two, but that could also be the producers wanting to keep spoilers to a minimum. This seems like it will be a really interesting story to watch play out: a newbie to the franchise, and an old-timer, connecting for a (potentially) lifelong commitment.

This is Katie:

And this is Chris, who first became a part of Bachelor Nation in 2012(!):

Thus far, we've basically seen nothing from the two, beyond Chris gushing over Katie's hotness.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour.

Awww, I actually really like this one! Hannah was a sweet, drama-free contestant on Colton's season, and Dylan was basically the male version of that on Hannah B.'s season. So two people who seem like they have similar personalities bonding together after their shared heartbreak (or at least, that's one narrative we could get). I like it!

Hannah G. was a fan-favorite and one of Colton's final three:

And Dylan was one of Hannah's top nine, though he didn't get a ton of screen time:

Thus far, on screen, Hannah and Dylan have a really really cute chemistry. Dylan is, in a word, totally smitten. Hannah is also venturing forward with Blake (sigh) and Wills, although she turns him down politely in the second episode. But watching the chemistry between Hannah and Dylan, knowing what we know, makes me so happy:

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty.

The Bachelorverse's first same-sex couple is engaged!! In case you're unfamiliar, while in Paradise, Demi, who's an alum from Colton's season, comes out as bisexual or attracted to women and men (the way she's put it on the show is that she's figuring herself out). She brings on the girl she started dating pre-show, and the two end the season with rings. This has already generated a ton of commentary—some of it positive, some of it less so—but I'm hopeful. Fingers crossed the show handles it all with grace.

The pair already have a photo together, although the caption was vague and made no mention of any show-related future (obv):

Very sweet.

On the show, Demi is in the middle of a little fling with Derek Peth, but Kristian doesn't enter the show for a couple rose ceremonies. It's unclear how much Demi knows about when Kristian will come on, but the setup has been crystal clear. She's been dating someone, she's trying to get "clarity" in BiP (lol), and we know where her arc is headed.

There's a wedding—for two former contestants.

It would be a quick turnaround for a couple to meet, get engaged, and then get married in the span of about six weeks (although, I bet one day it'll totally happen). No, these are two guest stars: Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson, former villains who dated and got engaged on a previous BiP season. According to People, they come back to the show that brought them together to make it official. and the pictures are really sweet:

According to Krystal, "We had quite a few Bachelor Nation members attend. Jade and Tanner, Ashley and Jared, Angela, Chelsea and Annaliese, Josh Murray, Heather and Katie from Colton's season. Everyone was having a great time together." It's also where Connor and Whitney (more on them below) met and hit it off for the first time.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert are together—but not engaged.

Thanks to some eagle-eyed social media fans, the pair have been traveling at the same time to the same place post-show, and were even photographed together. Given Dean's...history with the franchise, I have no idea about the future of this relationship. But I wish them luck?

Dean in Spain:

Caelynn, also in Spain:

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There have been no details from the show yet, but Dean's coming on the show soon: The producers haven't hid the fact that he (and his mustache) will be there, because he offers up some thoughts on the Blake situation. "We've all been there!" he laughs in a trailer, so, thx for that, Dean. There are some spoilery reports that it's not an easy road for him and Caelynn, but TBD.

As far as Caelynn goes, she's right in the middle of the Blake situation (on AND off the show, turns out). But she found enough time to make a connection with Cam Ayala, so it looks as though it won't be a straight line to Dean for her either.

One couple goes to overnights—but they don't end up together.

Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar apparently make it pretty far this season, even making it all the way to the overnight dates. But, at the end of the show, when it comes time for the couples to decide if they want to pursue a future together, Nicole breaks it off with Clay because he doesn't seem as serious about her. As in, he won't say the "L" word or propose (sorry, Nicole). And there haven't been any spoilers that I've seen yet about them hooking up after the show, so I think the breakup might be real.

This is Clay:

And this is Nicole:

Clay was a huge favorite from his Bachelorette season and left because of an injury, much to Becca's devastation. Nicole was known for being a bit dramatic in her season of The Bachelor, and deliberately poked fun at her own reputation of crying a whole bunch during "Woman Tell All." I get why she might be a good fit for BiP, TBH. I need to see the couple in action to really know if they were a good fit together, but at least as far as Clay is concerned, I think lots of Bachelor Nation fans would love to see him again on a show, so maybe this just means he has a future on next season's BiP (or, conceivably, The Bachelor, although the race is unbelievably tight this year.)

Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway are together off the show.

Two of the guests who are brought on to BiP later have a sweet ending. Connor came on hoping Whitney would be there (they met pre-show) and eventually left because she wasn't. Immediately, Whitney comes on the show (lol, producers), sees Connor isn't there, and leaves to be with him. Young love!!

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So what about everyone else?

What's interesting about the coupled-up list above is who's not on it, i.e., most everyone else. This isn't exactly surprising, but since the show still has a lot of episodes left, some of the contestants' relationships go in a direction that I don't think any of us are expecting at this point. Here's how it shakes out:

  • No love for Blake Horstmann—he gets into a huge romantic entanglement this season, as is already starting to be shown on air. He and Kristina Schulman end up giving each other friendship roses for a while, then they decide they might want to give their relationship another go. Then Kristina dumps him before overnights—oops. And we finally say goodbye to one of the crazier situations in BiP history.
  • Nothing for Tayshia Adams (weeps quietly into crumpled tissues). She's a part of that Blake situation for a bit, and then she and John Paul Jones end up connecting. She also connects with Derek Peth, but JPJ and he get into it over respecting Tayshia and Derek leaves. Tayshia-JPJ don't make it to overnight dates, though. I love both of these contestants, and I would have loved for their eternal happiness together, but alas!
  • Nothing for Kevin Fortenberry, Onyeka Ehie, Cam Ayala (lol), Sydney Lotuaco, or Wills Reid from the original cast of BiP. Also, nothing for Jane Averbukh, Annaliese Puccini, or Bibiana Julian—they get eliminated night one.
  • Of the guests that we know about, several come out of BiP without a relationship either: Matt Donald (the farmer from Hannah's season), Jordan Kimball (Becca’s season), Mike Johnson (Hannah’s season), Christian Estrada (Becca’s season), Tahzjuan Hawkins (Colton’s season), Haley Ferguson (Ben’s season), Jen Saviano (Ben's season), and Caitlin Clemmens (Colton’s season), Chase McNary (JoJo’s season), Luke Stone (Hannah’s season), Revian Chang (Colton’s season), and Bri Barnes (Colton’s season). Some of them find connections, but nothing committed.

    Fingers crossed happy endings are still out there for the contestants—or at least more romantic craziness in future shows. Here's every spoilery thing we know about this season of BiP.

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