Who Is 'Bachelor' Star Kelsey Weier on Peter Weber's Season?

One of the frontrunners of Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor' is expected to be pageant queen Kelsey Weier, who starred in ChampagneGate 2020.

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Spoilers for The Bachelor. One of the frontrunners on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, which began filming last summer, is Kelsey Weier. The pageant queen—one of many, as it turned out—had sparked rumors among fans both for the chemistry between her and Weber and for the drama of her arc on the show, which includes the now-famous "Champagnegate" of episode two.

Weier is a pageant alum.

Weier is from Des Moines, Iowa, and currently works as a hairstylist. She was Miss Iowa USA 2017 and according to her Miss USA bio: "In 2013, Kelsey graduated early from The Salon Professional Academy in Iowa City, Iowa. For the past four years, Kelsey Anne Weier has been a full-time professional color and extensions specialist at Rick Mosley Hair."

Weier also talked about her background in a Miss USA interview about the person she most admires: "Sonja Heying. Before attending Cosmetology School I took two years off to nanny. My nanny experience was different then most because the mom was home with me. Sonja needed all the help she could get since she had four boys!"

Also, her LinkedIn says she's a "Professional Clothier at Tom James Company" so, guys, I am fully not sure what she does. Clearly, everything fashion and beauty. Interestingly, Weier is a twin, so that'll be a kind of fun thing to explore in hometowns.

She's been caught up in the drama in Weber's season.

In one of the more eyeroll-inducing moments from the second episode, Hannah Ann Sluss and Weier really got into it. In a clearly producer-manipulated move, Sluss and Weber opened up a bottle of champagne that Weier had brought from home in Des Moines to share specifically with Weber. The two girls fought, then Weber brought out a bottle for Weier to drink with him. Weier chugged from the bottle and the whole thing literally blew up in her face, with champagne bubbles spilling out all over her freshly done makeup (the producers made sure you knew that, because, yeah). 

A few episodes later, Weier started crying hysterically over Weber going on another date, and another contestant, Tammy Ly, tried to calm her down, telling her, "It's only temporary; there's an end at some point." (Weier sobbed back: "No, there's never an end!", which is...not accurate.) Later in the episode, Ly accused Weier of being "emotionally unstable," in addition to accusing Weier of mixing alcohol with pills and drinking too much. (Mental instability and alcohol addictions are really not something you should speculate about, and Ly did apologize.) Worried that it's going to impact her chances with Weber, Weier goes to see Weber alone, which goes well for them both and does not go down with the rest of the contestants. When Weber then cancels the cocktail party because he's already made a decision, everyone blames Weier, which doesn't feel very fair.

Basically, she's been featured in a few situations that have posited her as a villain, but she's not this season's villain, and she's generally popular with fans. Also, in this season, pretty much everybody has been a villain at some point.

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