'The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss and Hannah Godwin Are the Sweetest BFFs

One contestant on Peter Weber's season of 'The Bachelor,' Hannah Ann Sluss, is close friends with former 'Bachelor' star Hannah Godwin.

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As we learn more about the Bachelor contestants on Peter Weber's season, lo and behold: One of the frontrunners, Hannah Ann Sluss, and a former bachelorette from Colton Underwood's season, Hannah Godwin, are actually friends. Now that I think about it, it totally makes sense—both are models, young, Southern (Godwin's from Alabama, Sluss is from Tennessee), pageant girls, and highly driven in love and life.

No matter how Sluss does this season, she can pretty much guarantee that she's going to continue to have the cutest BFF ever/be invited to the coolest wedding (yes, I am referring to Godwin and Dylan Barbour, one of the sweetest Bachelor relationships). Stand back, Bachelor Nation, because the cutest new couple in town is the two Hannahs.

They've been friends for a while.

We don't know how the two met, but photos of the two have been on Instagram since 2018. Clearly some of them are official modeling shots, but some of them just look like cute selfies. The two girls have lots of inside jokes, too (Sluss calls Godwin "smurf," lol). Apparently, Godwin even referred Sluss to the producers, according to Chris Harrison on the "Meet the Women" YouTube livestream he did in 2019.

So Sluss has been Bachelor-adjacent for a while, and her friendship with Godwin finally pushed her into contestant territory. It's unclear if this will be addressed on the show, but I kind of hope it is. What if Godwin makes a cameo??

And the pictures are adorable.

I'm just gonna leave these all here.

Sluss wrote, "When two Hannah’s collide.. 💁🏼‍♀️💕🙋🏽‍♀️" (swipe to see a cute video of the two lip-syncing).

Godwin posted a pic from that same shoot:

"Life is better when you’re laughing," Sluss wrote of another photoshoot. Godwin captioned the same photo, "you can’t spell friends without fries...did I just make that up?🍟"

"You are the ketchup to my fries 🍟," explained Sluss. Godwin posted the same pic with the caption, "My Instagram theme is literally snacks. No cool pattern or aesthetic, just snacks 😝"

Sluss gave a sweet shoutout to her BFF when Godwin was headed off to Bachelor (and the world subsequently fell in love with her too). "Can’t wait for #bachelornation to fall in love with the sweetest / goofiest southern belle you could ever meet! 😉 Love ya smurf"

And finally, the cutest of them all: "Life is better with true friends 💐 especially a friend that you have dance parties with in your hotel room 😂 Love ya smurf"

So cute.

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