Jennifer Lopez's Daughter Emme Joining Her On Stage at the Super Bowl Was Magnificent

My heart shattered into a million pieces.

Jennifer Lopez and Emme
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You guys, the Super Bowl halftime show was guaranteed to be incredibleJennifer Lopez and Shakira, on the same stage, with all their greatest hits? Yes please!—but it obtained a new level of awesome when J. Lo's daughter Emme Muñiz joined the singer on stage for some epic mother-daughter singing. 

J. Lo had a gorgeous fluffy flag—Puerto Rico on one side, U.S. on the other—draped over her shoulders while she sang "Let's Get Loud." Emme sang a few bars, and added a little "Born in the U.S.A." in there as well. Shakira was on drums, because of course she was. It sounds like they shout, "Cuz I'm gonna live my life!" And then the three did some amazing dancing before Emme got off stage.

People, she is not even 12-years-old yet. Can you imagine going back to your classmates and regular old school after killing it at the actual Super Bowl? Also, I love how J. Lo is inspiring her kids and enabling them to nail it on their own merits—hopefully we're looking at the first of many amazing performances from Emme.

This isn't the first time that she's joined her mom onstage—she performed with her mom during the "It's My Party" tour, sometimes in front of 20,000 people a night. She explained that she's not shy performing anymore even though she hates getting all that elaborate hair and makeup done (lol, what a g-d professional).

Here's an excerpt from the show:

And fans lost. Their. Minds.

Including her biggest fan, the one and only A.Rod.


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