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Book Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

When we first picked up The Friday Night Knitting Club, it wasn't because we'd taken up knitting. It was, we must admit, because we'd read that a celebrity (was it Hilary Swank?) was enjoying it.It's a good thing, too, because despite being perfectly appealing to the avid knitters among us, the story uses knitting as merely as a background to a story about, well, life. More specifically, the Friday Night Knitting Club (ahem) weaves together the lives of a number of women in various stages and stations in life - some knitters, some not so much.

The story, by former magazine editor Kate Jacobs, follows the lives of its characters - in particular the main character Georgia Walker, whose shop, Walker & Daughter, hosts the knitting club - without resorting to stereotypical personalities or over-the-top plot twists. It's easy to forget that the characters aren't your friends. (Notice how we've restrained from thread-related cliches?)After you're firmly attached to your new close-knit circle of friends (oops), but before you realize your emotional vulnerability, Jacobs does something unexpected - she changes things up, and it goes from being a good book to being a really great story. So much so that you'll eagerly check out its cleverly disguised web-site, www.walkeranddaughter.com, to see when the next meeting is. We did.

Bonus tip: Word has it that Julia Roberts has signed on to star in the film version.

Click here to purchase Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.

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