MC Cheatsheet: Don't Forget to Wash Your Eco Bags, People!

Katie: "No good deed goes unpunished: Your adorable environment-saving "not plastic" bags may be full of bacteria." Racked

Lauren: "Looks like the tide of public opinion has turned against alleged sexual harassment victim Debrahlee Lorenzana. So, is she legit, or is she a corporate failure who is exploiting the law and trivializing the plight of real victims?" Gawker

Sophia: "A test that predicts age of menopause? Instead let's find a way to cancel menopause entirely. How about it, science?" The Guardian

Kate: "The first teaser for the new season of Mad Men is out. It's all Don Draper smoking cigars and drinking martinis and wearing skinny ties. July 25 can't come fast enough." AMC

Jihan: "We've heard it before, but this is just more confirmation that you shouldn't eat the food on airplanes." The Big Money

Jessica: "Any book from the woman that gave us the quote, 'I think this is the best costume for the day,' is sure to be priceless. And look, even at age 11 she's already displaying a fondness for the headscarf!" Jezebel

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