The 16 Best French Shows on Netflix in 2024

These French-language shows span all genres, including sci-fi, horror, and comedy.

Omar Sy in Lupin
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Odds are, you've checked out at least one of Netflix's viral international hits. Often, among the streaming giant's American hits, a show like Money Heist (Spanish title La Casa de Papel) or Squid Game will become a mega-hit, with millions of people exploring a new country's TV offerings afterwards. So if you've seen (and loved) a show like Lupin, the hit French crime drama, then it's time to check out Netflix's other French-language offerings.

These French-language shows, from countries including France, Canada, and Belgium, span multiple engrossing genres, from comedies to sci-fi to straight-up horror. Viewers also get to dive into the language (team subs, no dubs) picking up some basic skills (educational TV!). Here are 16 of the best French-language shows to check out.


Inspired by the literary character Arsène Lupin, Assane Diop (Omar Sy) is a thief and master of disguise on a mission to avenge his father, who died imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. Come for the cinematic heists, stay after falling for the compassionate heart of the titular thief.


Call My Agent!

This workplace comedy melds reality and fiction. It's set at a fictional talent agency where the clients are real-life French celebrities.


The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties

Fans of Selling Sunset must check out this reality series, which is filled with grand Parisian apartments, stunning French estates, and even a castle or two. Rather than the O Group, this international gem follows the Kretz family of agents and their super-rich clients.



If you've been craving new episodes of Black Mirror, this one-season sci-fi drama may be just what you need. In futuristic France, an experimental dating app matches singles with their true love with 100 percent accuracy by mining their brain for data. 


The Chalet

This mysterious thriller follows two groups vacationing at a remote chalet in the French Alps: a family in 1997 and a group of friends in 2017. When the guests start disappearing one by one, a deadly secret from the past emerges.


The Hook Up Plan

Rom-com fans, this one's for you. Elsa is about to turn 30 and still reeling from a relationship that ended two years ago. Her friends Emilie and Charlotte have a unique solution: hire an escort to take her out. 


Can You Hear Me?

This French-Canadian series follows Ada, Fabiola, and Carolanne, three friends who live in a low-income neighborhood in Montreal. The chemistry between the three leads, as they cope with their messy lives in different ways, will make you want to spend more time with your best friend.



If paranormal romance is your thing, check out this teen drama filled with half-human vampires. Sixteen-year-old Doina is torn between two worlds, as she tries to make it through high school while exploring her bloodthirsty urges.


The Chef's Table: France

These four documentary episodes take a peek behind the scenes of the French culinary arts scene, following four chefs who make some of the world's best cuisine. So much amazing food!


Family Business

With France moving toward legalizing marijuana, the struggling son of a dysfunctional family decides to turn their kosher butcher shop into a cannabis cafe. The whole family of larger-than-life characters end up on the wrong side of the law as nothing goes smoothly.



This horror series follows an author in a small French coastal town. When she decides to stop writing about her books' central villain, the titular Marienne, she ends up haunted by the character in real life.



Another paranormal teen drama, Mortel follows three high schoolers, Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa, who use magical powers to find Sofiane's missing brother.


Into the Night

This Belgian thriller will make even the most frequent fliers squirm in their seats. A group of plane passengers find themselves in the middle of a natural disaster, where sunlight carries a fatal toxin. The fliers have to keep outrunning the sun in order to survive.


The Bonfire of Destiny

Inspired by the real 1897 Charity Bazaar fire that killed 125 members of the Parisian aristocracy, this period drama follows the fictional story of three women who survived the blaze and how their lives changed in the aftermath of the tragedy.


The Circle: France

Whether you can't get enough of The Circle or fell for Inez on season 1 of Perfect Match, the French version of the reality franchise is filled with just as many wild contestants and top-notch catfishes as the U.S. show.


Criminal: France

Another franchise with multiple international versions, Criminal is made for crime fans who want to be on the edge of their seat. The French version follows a new group of interrogators and suspects enveloped in thrilling stories of deception.


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