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Katie Thurston's 'Bachelorette' Cast: Every Detail We Know

Including familiar faces, several athletes, and a famous rapper's brother.

In March, ABC revealed 34 potential contestants for Katie Thurston's Bachelorette season, which is coming in hot on June 7, 2021 (the perfect way to start the summer? Absolutely yes, always). In case you're confused: No, these are not the men for Michelle Young's season, which will premiere after Bachelor in Paradise. Young will have her own separate cast, and it doesn't seem likely we'll see any of these men on her season. Interestingly, though, two of the below contestants (Greg Grippo and Karl Smith) were cast on Clare Crawley's season in 2020. But the pandemic forced several cuts and changes, and both didn't end up making it on the show. And there's an unverified rumor that another guy, Blake Moynes, from Crawley/Tayshia Adams' season seen, will join the cast. So there is some crossover with last year.

Not all of these men will make it on the show, and a number of them will not make it past the first night—but here's what we know so far about the cast and who might be important in future episodes. Some of this content comes from franchise spoiler Reality Steve and other spoiler accounts, but there's probably more coming out as we learn more. We'll keep this post updated.

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Aaron Clancy, 26

Clancy hails from Walnut, CA. It looks like he was a swimmer at UC San Diego and is an impressive 6'4". He's now an account exec at Health IQ.

Andrew Milcovich, 31

Milcovich is from Walnut Hill, CA, and he has Instagram. He played water polo at Pepperdine and now works as an associate attorney.

Andrew Spencer, 26

This Waukegan, IL, native might look familiar—he's apparently Clay Harbor's cousin. Via his Instagram, he played football at Winona State University and now plays for the Dacia Vienna Vikings in Austria.

Austin Tinsley, 25

Tinsley hails from Mission Viejo, CA, and his Instagram is here. Per his LinkedIn, he's a graduate of California State University-Sacramento, where he did track and field.

Bao Wu, 36

This Concord, NH, native lives in San Diego and is into real estate and stocks, per his Instagram (it looks like his realtor profile is here). He's also a fur-daddy to two adorable animals.

Brandon Torres, 26

Torres is from Mokena, IL, but per his Instagram he moved from Chicago to Tokyo to New York. Also per his Instagram, he's family-oriented and into motorcycles and travel.

Brendan Scanzano, 26

Scanzano's a Toronto, Canada, native, customer rep at Scotiabank, Texas A&M grad, part-time model, and dog-lover, per his Instagram.

Christian Smith, 26

From Newburyport, MA, this life coach and real estate agent is a "professional optimist," per Instagram.

Cody Menk, 27

Menk, from Montclair, NJ, currently lives in San Diego, CA, per his Instagram. He went to High Point University and now is an account manager for Zip-Pak.

Connor Brennan, 29

Brennan's from Columbia, IL, and is a musician (according to Reality Steve, this is him, which would mean he now lives in Nashville. Just like Jed Wyatt...).

Conor Costello, 28

Costello lives in Newport Beach, CA, but is originally from Edmond, OK. He played baseball for Oklahoma State (per Instagram) and in the minor leagues and is now an account manager at Apex Systems.

David Scott, 27
david bachelorette

Another Nashville, TN, resident, Scott hails from New York, NY, and does have Instagram.

Dennis Walega, 26
dennis bachelorette

Walega, who's from Chicago, IL, is a police officer at Village of Barrington Hills and a Western Illinois University grad. He is, per Insta, huge into travel.

Gabriel Everett, 35
gabriel bachelorette

This Charlotte, NC, might be familiar to you if you watched season two of Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo. Apparently he went to Belmont University and studied PR.

Garrett Schwartz, 29
garrett bachelorette

Schwartz is from Salinas, CA and apparently still lives there, per Instagram. He played baseball at Sonoma State University and is now a product marketing manager at Adobe.

Greg Grippo, 27
greg bachelorette

One of two carryover contestants, Grippo is from Edison, NJ, and (spoiler alert!!) got Thurston's first impression rose. So he's absolutely one to watch. He went to St. Michael's College, where his attractiveness was noted thanks to an anonymous, unofficial school Twitter (lol).

Hunter Montgomery, 34
hunter bachelorette

This San Angelo, TX, native has something in common with Tayshia Adam's final pick Zac Clark: He's a former addict who is now a "motivator and mentor," per LinkedIn. He works at Workday, is a single dad who now lives in Houston, per Instagram, and is apparently on TikTok too.

James Bonsall, 30
james bachelorette

Thanks to Instagram, we know that Bonsall lives in San Diego (he's from New York, NY). It looks like he works for Paycor after having gone to State University of New York College at Cortland.

Jeff Caravello, 31
jeff bachelorette

Caravello, from Cranford, NJ, lives in Brooklyn, NY. He still channels that athleticism A LOT, according to his Insta.

John Hershey, 27
john bachelorette

Paging Pilot Pete: this Santa Cruz, CA, is apparently training to be a pilot. He had an Instagram @johnalexhershey, but it's not available. His Facebook is still active.

Joshua Tylerbest, 25
joshua bachelorette

Per Insta, this Pembroke Pines, FL, native is a University of Florida alum and a sales consultant at Invisors in Miami.

Justin Glaze, 26
justin bachelorette

From Ellicott City, MD, Glaze did track and field at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, is a sales consultant at T. Rowe Price, and is also a (pretty good!) artist.

Karl Smith, 33
karl bachelorette

The second of the "carryover" bachelors from Crawley/Adams' season, Smith's a motivational speaker from Miami, FL, and founder of Next Level Success per Instagram. His website has clips of his speaking work.

Kyle Howard, 26
kyle bachelorette

The "original golden retriever," per Instagram (lol), Howard is from Sarasota, FL, and is a two-time University of Florida alum and huge traveler. He's now a technical recruiter at Lorien.

Landon Goesling, 25
landon bachelorette

Now living in Dallas, TX, Goesling is from Bakersfield, CA, played college football at the University of Houston, and is a high school basketball coach and a trainer, per Insta.

Marcus Lathan, 30
marcus bachelorette

This realtor is also a model and DJ (thanks, Instagram!) from Vancouver, WA. He went to Washington State University Vancouver.

Marty Hargrove, 25
marty bachelorette

This Reno, NV, native is a model and actor who played football and did track and field at Dakota State College.

Michael Allio, 36
michael a bachelorette

This single dad of a son, James (per Instagram), lives in Akron, OH. His wife Laura, who passed away in 2019 of breast cancer, spurred Allio to create The L4 Project. He's also a business founder.

Mike Planeta, 31
mike p bachelorette

"Mikey" is from Surprise, AZ, and lives in San Diego, CA. He played college at Point Loma Nazarene University and baseball in the minors; he's a trainer and dog-lover, per Insta.

Quartney Mixon, 26
quartney bachelorette

This Arlington, TX, native is a sales rep at CPM Medical, and got a degree from Stephen F Austin University. His mom passed away when he was in college. He's also owner of Iron Muscle Nutrition, per Insta.

Tanner Guisness, 28
tanner bachelorette

This native of Del Mar, CA, is now the owner of Dyeislife (bringing together Beer Die and Snappa players, per Instagram). He's a University of Colorado Boulder alum and lives in San Diego now. Huge dog-lover, too!

Thomas Jacobs, 28
thomas bachelorette

Jacobs is from (and lives in) San Diego, CA, thanks to his Instagram. He's a real estate agent, and per his bio, he grew up in a military family and played basketball at the University of San Diego.

Tre Cooper, 26
tre bachelorette

Cooper hails from Covington, GA, and does have Instagram. Aside from knowing he potentially went to Georgia State University and works as a software engineer at the Home Depot, that's about all the info we have.

Viktor Simco, 32
viktor bachelorette

Simco's from Galveston, TX and, per, Instagram, is a veteran housing advocate who's super into fitness, surfing, and snowboarding. He's rapper Riff Raff's younger brother(!) and regularly talks about his mom and late father.

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