The Male Gaze Is Alive and Well in the 'Fifty Shades' Breakfast Clip

The camera lingers on her butt, which is like, "ugh, fine" but also like, "why, Sam Taylor-Johnson?" at the same time.

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Rather than go out with a literal bang, Today ended its week of Fifty Shades scenes with one we mostly already saw in the trailer. All is fine, though, because like the rest, it is awkward and laughably uncomfortable. #cosimmakingpancakes

The Morning After they do the activity that makes up one-fifth of the movie, Ana dances to the Beatles and whisks some worryingly thin pancake batter (maybe she's making the British kind!) while Christian stares at her butt. Then, if you'll remember the trailer, he'll ask her "what are you doing to me?" in a voice that sounds like he's 1) trying to sound not Irish and 2) trying not to giggle at the same time.

OK. Now you can watch it.

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