Dakota Johnson on 'Saturday Night Live' Literally Cannot Even

Who can even? It is literally impossible to can.
Saturday Night Live

Around the time we started using the word "bananas" to describe things other than fruit, we also started to can't. We are a whole generation of people who literally cannot even. Who can even? It is literally impossible to can. 

On Dakota Johnson's SNL debut last night, the show did an amazingly on-point sendup of the world's most overused catchphrase...and our habit for hyperbole. It is literally the best thing ever.

Other highlights include an inspiring PSA about those people you really don't care about but pretend that you do...

And an opening monologue that riffs on Fifty Shades of Grey and kind of sweetly points out that mom Melanie Griffith hosted the show 27 years ago—and had daughter Dakota exactly nine months later.

I can't.

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