Aw, Nick Cannon Doesn't Even Care That Mariah Bashed Him in That Song

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Update, 4/30: Carey may have aired some of their dirty laundry in her comeback track, but there's no hard feelings from Cannon. He posted the cover of her new album on his Instagram with the hashtags #TheQueen, #NoHate, and #HardestWorkingWomanIKnow. We're happy to see there's no bad blood between the two.

Original Post, 4/27: If only we all had Mariah Carey's vocal chops and lyrical prowess–it would make breakups a whole lot easier (to win).

Carey just dropped her first single off of her new greatest hits album Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity and it's the '90s throwback we had our fingers crossed for, because let's face it, no one did the decade better than Carey. The song, "Infinity," is an orchestral wonder with all the Carey signatures that won us over from the beginning: the lovestruck candor, vocal runs, and hip-hop-tinged instrumentals. Not to mention, it certainly puts estranged husband Nick Cannon in his place...You do you, Mimi!

Watch the lyric video, below, and look out for Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity, which drops on May 1st and features 18 of Carey's number one Billboard hits.

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