Hulu Is Recreating the 'Seinfeld' Apartment in Real Life

Which we will go to just so we can do that Kramer-entrance-slide thing.

Talk about amazing—Hulu announced that in honor of their recent acquisition of the entire Seinfeld series, they will create a real-life New York City model of the apartment on the Upper East Side, Variety reports.

Unfortunately for all dedicated Seinfeld fans, you won't be able to purchase this apartment like the Mean Girls' mansionbut there are some perks.

The apartment will feature interactive elements allowing visitors to experience unforgettable moments from the show.

"Seinfeld is one of those rare shows that continues to influence pop culture to this day, so what better way to launch its streaming debut than to celebrate the fans and give them a chance to relive the scenes from some of the most iconic moments in TV history?" said Jenny Wall, Hulu's senior VP and head of marketing.

The installment will be open to the public beginning on June 24, running through June 28, at 451 West 14th St. from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The show debuts on Hulu for your viewing pleasure on June 24.

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