Nancy Drew Is Being Turned into a Very Grown-Up TV Show

Think Grey's Anatomy meets grisly mysteries.

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Paging all amateur gumshoes: Nancy Drew is back. Deadline reports that CBS is developing a drama based around everyone's favorite teenage detective—but with an adult spin. 

The show, which comes from two executive producers of Grey's Anatomy, will be set in New York City. A thirtysomething Nancy Drew now works as a NYPD detective, using her knack for solving mysteries to solve the city's crimes. She'll also work on "navigating the complexities of the modern world," according to Deadline, which likely means the dating scene. (Ned Nickerson, where are you?)

Nancy Drew makes a comeback every few years in pop culture—remember the fresh-faced Emma Roberts from the 2007 movie?

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This new show will be one of a giant bandwagon of retro revivals on television. Entertainment Weekly notes that MacGyver, The X-Files, Full House, Twin Peaks, Prison Break, Heroes, and of course, The Muppets have been given comebacks lately. 

And hey, if audiences can get excited about MacGyver again, Nancy Drew has a fair shot at cracking this case. 

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