The First 'Legend of Tarzan' Trailer Is Here, and Yes, It *Is* All About Alexander Skarsgård's Abs

How they gave all eight of them equal screen time, we'll never know.

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(Image credit: Jonathan Olley)

Of all the questions this just-released trailer for the Legend of Tarzan raises—How exactly did Alexander Skarsgård get Chiclets for a torso? Could somebody turn up the lights in here?—perhaps the most pressing is "But weren't we promised a loincloth?"

The plot seems to play out as previously reported (opens in new tab) (Tarzan's a full-blown, pinkies-up English lord who taps into his jungle roots when Christoph Waltz comes knocking), with Margot Robbie's Jane being held captive by the imperialists, Djimon Hounsou playing some type of ghostly warrior, and Samuel L. Jackson being Samuel L. Jackson but in a waistcoat.

IDK, maybe he'll have different pants in the next trailer? Watch the first one here.

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