Kit Harington Is Still in 'Game of Thrones' Credits, HBO Officially Trolling the World

*shaking and crying*

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Just when Game of Thrones fans were starting to make peace with the fact that Jon Snow is dead thanks to a recent press release saying "Jon Snow is dead," HBO decided to include Kit Harington in the new season's opening credits. Because that's how much they love messing with everyone.

The show aired its season opener for select audiences at the Hollywood premiere on Sunday, and included Harington's name in the title sequence despite him being brutally stabbed by a bunch of jealous haters (we believe that's the official term for Knights Watchman) during the finale moments of last season's finale.

In summary, here is what we know:

1. Literally nothing.

2. No really, just nothing.

3. Still nothing. Here's a gif to make you feel better about life.


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