Woman Discovers That Her Flight to D.C. for the March Is Almost 100% Women

Girl power takes to the skies.

Today's transfer of power has been a bitter pill for many Americans to swallow. The country was deeply divided by the 2016 election and some of Trump's first acts in office (like his mysterious executive order about Obamacare) aren't easing the worries of his opponents. But one group of women found a little bit of happy tonight when they realized their entire flight to D.C. for the Women's March on Washington tomorrow was filled with other women.

Writer Ann Friedman documented the amazing incident on Twitter:

Once the women onboard realized the ~magic~ that was happening, they celebrated—with lots of in-flight wine.

Friedman did acknowledge that her #AllLadyPlane was mostly white women, but said she hopes tomorrow's march on Washington will be more diverse:

And Friedman signed off when the #AllLadyPlane landed in D.C., confirming that at least a plane-full of women will be marching tomorrow (well, a plane-full of women, plus a bunch of celebrities and an estimated 50,000 other protestors).

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