The Latest 'AHS: Cult' Trailer Is a Terrifying Horror Montage

Featuring clowns, rats, and bloody teeth.

American Horror Story: Cult trailer

American Horror Story: Cult premieres in just over two weeks, and as the new series approaches, the promo clips keep on getting creepier. Co-creator Ryan Murphy previously revealed that Season 7 of AHS will focus on 2016's election campaign between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and the visuals so far have been truly terrifying, which seems fitting.

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The latest trailer for the new season is a cacophony of scary sound effects, and visuals that you might expect to find in a Saw movie. While there's not a politician in sight, every image that appears onscreen is grotesque. From rats and giant spiders, to hoards of cult-like clowns moving in unison, AHS: Cult is aiming to shock and repulse. Watch the latest trailer at your own risk:

AHS: Cult premieres on FX on September 5, 2017.

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